Our Services

Expert Consultancy in Pavement Engineering

We provide expert consulting services in all areas of highway and airfield pavement engineering. 

Life-Cycle Assessment Guidelines and Tools

We help the transportation infrastructure industry and agencies move towards sustainability through life-cycle thinking by modeling infrastructure serviceability and environmental impacts. 

Laboratory Material Testing and Specifications

We provide advanced material testing such as rheological testing, simple performance testing, Superpave testing, accelerated pavement testing, and others. 

Workshops and Training Courses

We provide customized workshops, seminars and training courses in different countries for engineers, highway agency personnel, and technicians. Our speakers are experts in the fields of pavement engineering and sustainability. We are certified by international organizations.  

Our Projects

Our portfolio includes a range of high-profile projects in the Middle East.

Key Products

We developed specialized practical innovative tools for transportation sustainability. These tools accurately predict the environmental and economic impacts of infrastructure assets and operations.  Examples include: 

  • Environmental Footprint Tools
  • Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Tools
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Reports